About SSIC

Lead Partner: UGent

Sustainability Support and Information Centre (SSIC)


Sustainability Support in decision making towards the design of products and services for the circular economy.

The solution (technology)

The SSIC provides information on the sustainability of material stocks, evidence on resource efficiency, analysis of critical raw material savings, guidance on innovation options for life cycle impact hotspots, sustainable up-scaling scenarios, socio-economic costs and benefits, job creation potential of new technologies, market potential, recyclability benefits of new waste valorization options, etc. By clustering the available state-of-the-art technologies and these sustainability support systems, the SSIC helps the industry and research community in solution-driven optimization.


Active from January 2016 to December 2018.

Project coordination and management

Partner: Ghent University
Name: Kamila Mascart
Tel: +32 9 264 62 43
Email: Kamila.Mascart@UGent.be
Website: www.ssic-eitrm.com